descriptionWatch new upstream releases with uscan
ownergit repository hosting
last changeFri, 12 Jan 2018 12:34:53 +0000 (13:34 +0100)
2018-01-12 Raphaël HertzogDrop w3af which we no longer have master
2017-11-08 Raphaël HertzogReplace veil-evasion by veil
2016-07-19 Raphaël HertzogAdd bettercap to watch list
2016-06-30 Raphaël HertzogAdd isr-evilgrade to watch list
2016-06-16 Raphaël HertzogAdd hydra to watched packages
2016-05-23 Raphaël HertzogDo not fail on a missing package
2016-04-14 Raphaël HertzogMore fixes for newer uscan
2016-04-13 Raphaël HertzogUpdate upstream-watch to recognize strings of uscan...
2016-02-01 Raphaël HertzogAdd ubertooth to watch list
2016-01-21 Raphaël HertzogAdd linux to the watch list
2016-01-06 Raphaël HertzogAdd wfuzz to watch list
2015-12-28 Raphaël HertzogAdd commix to the list of monitored packages
2015-12-03 Raphaël HertzogAdd medusa to watch list
2015-09-02 Raphaël HertzogTrack metasploit-framework too
2015-07-10 Raphaël HertzogDrop jigsaw, not working anymore.
2015-07-09 Raphaël HertzogDrop dirbuster, dead upstream and has no watch file...
5 weeks ago master