2013-08-11 Mati Aharoni... Added a post-cleanup script due to possible manual... debian/2.0.4-1kali0
2013-08-11 Mati Aharoni... Pre build commit
2013-08-11 Mati Aharoni... Merge tag 'upstream/2.0.4'
2013-08-11 Mati Aharoni... Imported Upstream version 2.0.4 upstream/2.0.4
2012-12-15 Mati Aharoni... Removed desktop file debian/2.0.3-1kali1
2012-12-11 Devon Kearnsedited rules debian/2.0.3-1kali0
2012-12-11 Devon Kearnsedited rules to skip auto build
2012-12-11 Devon KearnsPre-build commit
2012-12-11 Devon KearnsIgnore the .pc directory
2012-12-11 Devon KearnsPre-patching commit
2012-12-11 Devon KearnsCommit before modifying
2012-12-11 Devon KearnsImported Upstream version 2.0.3 debian upstream/2.0.3