2017-12-01 Sophie BrunAdd a patch to use python-impacket 0.9.15 debian/1.0.1+git20150729-0kali4
2017-02-16 Sophie BrunAdd depends on python-qgis which provides QtWebKit debian/1.0.1+git20150729-0kali3
2016-11-03 Sophie BrunDrop installation of .pyc debian/1.0.1+git20150729-0kali2
2016-11-03 Sophie BrunAdd a missing dependency on xsltproc (closes 3705)
2015-07-29 Sophie BrunInitial packaging for kali debian/1.0.1+git20150729-0kali1
2015-07-29 Sophie BrunImported Upstream version 1.0.1+git20150729 upstream/1.0.1+git20150729