descriptionopenvas dummy package
last changeWed, 22 Apr 2015 14:42:26 +0000 (16:42 +0200)
2015-04-22 Sophie BrunAdd version for release master debian/8.0
2015-04-17 Sophie BrunFix debian/control with minimal versions
2015-04-15 Sophie BrunUpdate for openvas 8 debian/1.8
2015-03-10 Sophie BrunAdd certificates checks in setup and check-setup debian/1.7.2
2014-10-10 Mati Aharoni... Fix typo in admin username debian/1.7.1
2014-08-04 Raphaël HertzogAdd openvas-certdata-sync call to openvas-setup. debian/1.7
2014-08-04 Raphaël HertzogAdd openvas-scapdata-sync call to openvas-setup. debian/1.6
2014-08-04 Raphaël HertzogTry to adapt openvas-setup for openvas 7 debian/1.5
2014-08-04 Raphaël HertzogMisc cleanups debian/1.4
2014-08-04 Sophie BrunAdd gsd in conflicts as it's not suppported anymore
2014-08-04 Sophie BrunUpdate description
2014-08-04 Sophie BrunDrop depends gsd (not supported anymore) and shlibs...
2014-08-04 Sophie BrunDrop file docs as it's empty
2014-08-04 Sophie BrunAdd copyright of file openvas-check-setup
2014-08-04 Sophie Bruncontrol: Drop depends to openvas-administrator and...
2014-08-04 Sophie BrunUpdate for compatibility with debhelper 9
9 months ago debian/9.0.3kali1 openvas Debian release 9.0.3kali1
9 months ago debian/9.0.3 Debian version 9.0.3
11 months ago debian/9.0.2kali5 openvas Debian release 9.0.2kali5
13 months ago debian/9.0.2kali4 openvas Debian release 9.0.2kali4
13 months ago debian/9.0.2kali3 openvas Debian release 9.0.2kali3
13 months ago debian/9.0.2kali2 openvas Debian release 9.0.2kali2
16 months ago debian/9.0.2kali1 openvas Debian release 9.0.2kali1
17 months ago debian/9.0.2 Debian version 9.0.2
17 months ago debian/9.0.1 Debian version 9.0.1
21 months ago debian/9_kali3 openvas Debian release 9~kali3
2 years ago debian/9_kali2 openvas Debian release 9~kali2
2 years ago debian/9_kali1 openvas Debian release 9~kali1
3 years ago debian/8.0+kali3 openvas Debian release 8.0+kali3
3 years ago debian/8.0+kali2 openvas Debian release 8.0+kali2
3 years ago debian/8.0+kali1 openvas Debian release 8.0+kali1
3 years ago debian/8.0 openvas Debian release 8.0
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